SpotMini Robotic Quadruped Put for Sale by Boston Dynamics

SpotMini Robotic Quadruped Put for Sale by Boston Dynamics

The quadrupedal robots of Boston Dynamics robotics company have impressed and repelled people. However, while the new, bulky robots never felt like something in real life, the company’s latest and best creation, Spot, isn’t only real, however out for sale, some people have got them for months already.

Boston Dynamics introduced on our stage at TC Sessions: Robotics last year that Spot, previously referred to as SpotMini, could be its first commercial product and we obtained the first peek on the production version at this year’s conference in May. It’s an imposing and flexible robotics platform able to navigating a variety of environments and interacting with many everyday objects and obstacles. And whereas immediately is the first day of official sales, there are already robots out there in use.

The early adopter program is lease-based rather than a straight purchase; however, there’s no shortage of customers who wish to own their Spot outright. The price of one of the robots varies; however, assume tens of thousands of dollars this isn’t a hobby bot.

Some people may desire a bare-bones platform onto which they will integrate their sensing and interaction tech. Others may desire a fully functional robot they’ll plug into their existing automation workflow.

However, both method, it’s going to take some work on the part of the customer. The Spot isn’t going to inspect that oil pipeline or patrol a facility with the push of a button. It’s a powerful, flexible legged robot platform; however, Boston Dynamics isn’t operating a turn-key not operating a turn-key service.