Apple Watch Series 5 Is Not the Same as The Series 4

Apple Watch Series 5 Is Not the Same as The Series 4

Apple launched a new Apple Watch model with the iPhone 11, with Series 5 changing last year’s Series 4. The new device has an identical design as its previous design, which itself delivered the significant redesign in Watch history. Series 5 does carry new display tech that enables Apple to provide always-on functionality to the smartwatch.

Relating to hardware, experts recently discovered that the new S5 processor that powers the new devices is much like the S4, although it packs twice the storage and includes components that allow the new compass feature of the handset. After all, only a teardown would show Series 5’s secrets, and the usual suspects found that the internals of Series 5 and Series 4 are different. Additionally, the new model has a slightly bigger battery.

iFixit, which recently helped answer the biggest questions about the iPhone 11, dismantled Apple’s latest smartwatch this week. The site explains that Series 5 has the identical general design as Series 4.

The new LPTO display that can operate at just 1Hz if the user is not actively using the Watch doesn’t reveal any secrets to the naked eye. Every part is built proper into the screen.

The ambient light sensor is also new and makes use of a “very tiny gyroscope.” The battery is “a hair bigger,” which translates right into a 1.4% bump on the 44mm model over the identical Series 4 device.