Mark Hamilton  [email protected]

Mark Hamilton is an analyst, security researcher and the co-founder of The Hampton Daily.

Before he has founded the company 5 years ago, he and his colleague Jeremy Douglas both worked in international security company called Jenkins Securities Int.

Hamilton says he always wanted to found his own company. However, he did not have enough money and powers to open it by himself. That is why he was delighted to find out that his friends and colleague Jeremy Douglas has the same plans.

They worked in the same department and used to discuss their work once in a week. During one of these meetings, Hamilton shared the idea with Douglas.

Hamilton used to make investments for his company, and for himself. He knew everything about investments and different processes at the market. Together with Douglas, they brought big money to the company.

Both of them have experience in training analysts. They helped analysts to become better and to use different methods during the market research.

Hamilton and Douglas both put their own money in the opening of The Hampton Daily. Now, Hamilton remembers that all his family was really supportive of everything. The risks were very high, and Hamilton even joked that if it were stocks, he would not risk buying it.

Meanwhile, they make their company’s portfolio together and calculated all risks. They happily survived several years t the market and earned a capital by making investments and buying stocks of promising companies. They invited a team of specialists which produce an analysis of the market.


Jeremy Douglas  [email protected]

Jeremy Douglas is a co-founder of The Hampton Daily. He is also a research analyst, writer, active investor, and security strategist.

He and his friend and a colleague from former work Mark Hamilton have founded their own analytic company 5 years ago. Before that, they both worked for the international security company and taught analysts how to be more productive in their work.

Jeremy is an active investor himself. He says it helps not only to earn good money for him but to understand other investments in general.

Douglas says that he wanted to create his own business. However, without Hamilton, he would not dare to do this. Together it was easier to start their small analytic company.

He still recommends other entrepreneurs to ask their friends to join them or help, if they need it. Hamilton appeared to be very creative and calm boss. Douglas is quicker in his decisions.

They still train analysts from time to time. Usually, it is their own analysts.

Douglas says he can’t believe that their company exists only 5 years. It started to bring profit after just several years. And talented analysts began to ask them for a job. They are very proud of achievements the company has reached for these years. Three times they were named the most promising analytic company of the year.

Jeremy Douglas believes that this company helps not only their clients but the whole market to become reachable to the people and understandable for them.


Alyssa Greer  [email protected]

Alyssa Greer is an analyst at the The Hampton Daily. She works in the company since the day it was founded.

Alyssa was invited to work here by one of the co-founders of the company, Mark Hamilton. They knew each other since the Harvard business school.

Alyssa specializes in long-term horizon mainly. She also works with special situations.

Greer prefers to give her personal phone to her clients. She says she must be in touch with them every time they want to make investments. She has big clients’ database and is proud to share her knowledge with them.

She is an active investor in tech market. She says that the whole process of making investments give her some kind of certainty in her own future. Alyssa does not write a daily analysis of the market, but she is a well-known specialist in market analysis.

Greer says that her work with clients and their different preferences at the market does not leave her much time to write articles on the market every day. Meanwhile, she writes in her personal column at the website weekly analysis of tech market, companies and stocks she considered to buy or to invest in.

She says that she does not tell on purpose which stock she selected, to avoid direct messages to her clients. Greer does not like to advise any particular company, as it can be considered as an advertisement or something like that. She prefers to give detailed instructions on what to do and how to pick companies.


Walter Pena  [email protected]

Walter Pena is a well-known research analyst and financial strategist. He joined the team three years ago. Before that he worked as a leading trader at the French company.

He is from Virginia originally. Walter Pena is a graduate of Columbia University. He has bachelor’s degree in finances and specializes in trading operations.

Pena is oriented onto value and growth. He worked with special market situations. He says he does not trust short-term equities. Meanwhile, he can help his clients to pick the most suitable options for them if they short-term oriented.

Walter Pena admits that he loves to know that his clients read his daily newsletters with market analysis. He is always ready to discuss with them these articles and to tell them his own point of view. From time to time he can borrow some of his clients’ thoughts if he agrees with them.

According to Pena, the company needs to be very strict with the rules. He says that his clients are in the first place of his attention. Meanwhile, he needs to know his main readers and to be sure that they will not use his articles as guidance to action.

He does not mind to recommend some companies that are worth to be noticed, especially if they are new at the market or his clients do not know about them. Meanwhile, to make an investment or not – must be their own decision, as they will risk with their own money.


Agnes Choate  [email protected]

Agnes Choate works for this company over 3 years. She is a popular strategist and famous financial writer.

Choate is from Massachusetts. She is a graduate of MIT. She has her diploma in business. She also is a certified analyst.

Agnes Choate has started her career as investment strategist during the last years of her studies in MIT. She says she wanted to surprise her parents with a new car, and she had to invest some money in oil and gas companies.

She was sure this may bring her dividends. And she was right. Now, she prefers to make investments in commodities market, and is very interested in precious metals.

Choate still interested in gas and oil industry, but warns her clients to be very careful about that.

She invests in stocks with dividend growth abilities. Choate says that the best way to pick the right one company is to make a detailed analysis of it. She offers her help to investors who are not sure in some of the companies.

Before she joined the team, Choate worked for the prestigious financial outlet. She made markets analysis and compared fresh data with the one from the previous day.

Choate does not like to share her plans for the future with others. She says it includes her work in this company, more clients, and possibly one trip around the world.

She admits that market is constantly changing and you can’t be sure of anything there, even if you ware very experienced good analyst.