Our Company

Our company considers itself as the guard of stability at the market. Our analysis of numerous Wall Street processes helps clients to survive there and earn good money.

We provide option strategies for our investors as well. Our specialists are very curious on low-liquidity equities and small caps.

Analysts from our company can perfectly remember their first experience in the market and they know how hard it can be. While, we all have special education and one or two degrees in finances, economics and business, we still were newbies many years ago. Now, after many years of hard work and making our own mistakes, we are ready to teach.

Our specialists prefer to invest in the market by themselves. We are very keen on foreign and domestic securities. We travel a lot to find the best solutions for us and our clients.

This small but very promising company was founded by Mark Hamilton and Jeremy Douglas. These two partners in crime, as they love to name themselves, were former co-workers in a big international security company. They trained analytics and made investments in the company. Tired to earn money for someone, they came to the decision to create their own place, where they could share knowledge, make analysis or the market, create portfolios on demand.

Our company appeared 5 years ago. It may sound like nothing in comparison with big analytic companies that exist for decades. However, we already won 3 awards as the most promising analytic team. We have fast growing database of our clients.